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4 x 4 Safe in every terrain
  The demand for armored off-road vehicles continuously increases. Their versatility makes them the preferred choice of international organizations such as the UN as well as police and security forces in areas of unrest and crisis all over the world. A properly fitted, armored off-road vehicle  is the ideal combination of high mobility - even under extreme topographic conditions or with a partially destroyed infrastructure - and safety from all potential dangers.

All the 4 x 4 off-road vehicles appear inconspicuous - they look exactly the standard version. And, of course, like all other vehicles, they have excellent driving qualities and performance. Add quick delivery and you have a superb product for all-terrain protection.
Nissan Patrol Station Wagon GRX "Executive"
Long wheelbase, 4.5l gasoline engine, 6 cyl., 204 hp, 5-door, electronic controlled 4-speed automatic transmission, LHD/RHD 
Protection level: B4/B6/7 (according to european standard)
Standard equipment:
Power steering 
Height-adjustable and heated steering wheel 
Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors 
 Rear axle differential lock 
2 or 4-wheel drive 
Radio/cassette player 
Light alloy wheels
 Nissan Patrol Station Wagon STD "Peacekeeper®"
Long wheelbase, 4.2l diesel engine, 6-cyl., 116 hp, 5-door, 5-speed transmission,LHD/RHD 
Protection level:B6/B7 (the vehicle armoring system is certified for additional protection against hand grenades according to guidelines applying 2 DM51/m2 on thr roof and floor
Standard equipment:
Specially reinforced suspension Specially aluminium rims, tyres, Air-conditioning-Digital clock-Power Steering-Electric window lifters on drivers side-Power mirror on drivers side-Vinyl upholstery etc


Mercedes-Benz G 320 / G 500 (W463)
Long wheelbase, 3.2l gasoline engine, 6 cyl., 215 hp or respectively 5.0l gasoline engine, 8 cyl., 300hp 5-door, automatic transmission, LHD/RHD Protection level:  B6/B7 (according to european standard)
Standard equipment:
Heated seats 
Leather upholstery 
 Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors 
     Power steering 
Rear axle differential lock 
Permanent 4-wheel drive 
Driver airbag 
 Large capacity battery 
Power locks 
Light alloy wheels 

4 x 4 Safety Features
Standard Features  
The high-tech construction of the "Explosafe" tank prevents the fuel from exploding when projectiles hit the fuel tank.
Run-flat Tires
These tires enable the driver to maintain control over the car even if they are completely deflated and continue to drive for up to 15 km (including a full replacement fifth wheel).
Heatable bulletproof
Integrated heating filaments prevent the build-up of damp condensation and ensure that the thick panes of bullet-proof glass are quickly de-iced in cold weather.
Intercom Two-way intercom unit enables the vehicle occupants to communicate with the outside world with the windows closed.
Alarm Siren Naturally, an alarm siren is an integral part of the standard safety equipment of any vehicle. Breakdown proof and over which nothing can be heard, it attracts the immediate attention of the emergency services to the vehicle in question and makes sure help arrives quickly.
Optional Features  
Run-flat Tires
Emergency run-flat inserts enable the vehicle to continue moving up to 50 km/h even after tire deflation (including a full replacement fifth wheel).
Remote Starting Device To safeguard against explosive charges set to go off when the vehicle ignition or door locks are activated, the central locking system and engine can be activated by the remote start system from a distance of more than 100 m. This means that any explosive devices are set off at a safe distance.
Bomb Detector Locates any magnetically attached explosive charges.
Escort Vehicle Warning System When the driver accelerates or brakes, a signal lamp in the rear window alerts the escort vehicle which usually follows close behind.
Additional Backseat Safety Package

Floor Armour

Package includes additional joint armoring at the C-columns; non-splinter, bulletproof rear windshield made of multi-layer reinforced glass, and an aramid curtain for extreme safety. These meet the security requirements for Safety Category B7.

Skeye Protect A satellite-supported position finder and alarm system determines the location of the vehicle via the worldwide Global Positioning System (GPS) after any attack on the vehicle. In the event of unauthorized vehicle movement, attempted break-in or driver alarm, the system transmits a message per GSM mobile radio network to a connected service center which can then initiate previously agreed countermeasures. 
(Anti-Kidnapping Equipment

Modified Suspension

Smoke Systems


An individually configurable, modular system of concealed safety elements which, when combined, provide effective protection against kidnapping. Surprise and unexpected resistance make it very difficult for the attacker, thus allowing the driver to gain precious time to take countermeasures.
    Passive components: partial to complete armoring, ballistic module made of bulletproof glass, door, column and rear protection.

    Active components: alarm and communication devices, emergency running module, locking module, trunk module (with concealed opening mechanism, additional light and air intake, alarm and blocking switch).

    Extras: remote start module; emergency securing module (for remote-controlled door locking to lock in intruders), bomb detection module, additional battery, roof protection module, floor protection module, "Explosafe" tank, additional lowerable windows.




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