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The world's most innovative Bomb Disposal Suit,  Setting new standards in personal protection for modern day EOD 10 technicians, the EOD 10 HELMET is the world's first Threat Level IIIA ballistic helmet available to military and law enforcement agencies.  EOD 10 HELMET is the only EOD 10 helmet in the world that provides complete and absolute 360 degree protection at the stated Threat levels.

The EOD 10 BOMB DISPOSAL SUIT also employs the most advanced technology in design and state-of-the-art fragmentation-defeating materials available in the world today. Through extensive research and development spanning more than a decade in actual field tests, and the leading Bomb Disposal Suit ensemble capable of defeating record setting specifications against the number one threat faced by modern day EOD technicians... fragmentation.

The use of state of the art materials underlines goal to increase the bomb technician's survival rate by improving the fragment protection characteristics of the suit without increasing overall weight. It has been proven that the greatest threat faced in a blast situation is the threat of fragments of different sizes and shapes tearing into the human body at supersonic velocities.

The exceptional performance in the other 3 major threats faced by EOD technicians; overpressure, impact and heat. New V50 and V0 (NO PENETRATION) specifications meet US MIL-SPEC 622E, superseding the non-ratified NATO STANAG 2920.
The new  EOD 10 suit is the result of a combination of over ten years of actual field testing with the United States and the Canadian Governments. It is the product of high technology materials derived from U.S. military applications. These state-of-the-art ballistic materials, until now, have only been used by the United States Department of Defense for the protection of its personnel. These new materials have now been employed in the new lightweight chest and groin plates. These plates have achieved ground breaking V0 (NO PENETRATION) fragment defeating capabilities of ... 5471 FPS or 1667 M/S.

The use of lightweight armor materials offers the best available protection in the world today. In fact, all live IED testing is taking place at a distance of 1 to 2 meters, not at the old testing standard of 3 meters (10 feet), since military and law enforcement EOD technicians may be required to work inside a 3 meter raduis.
The most current testing data on fragments, overpressures, impact and burn protection. This EOD suit is currently being used in 49 countries around the world.


EOD Sleeve

Chest and Groin Plates

Incorporating new state-of-the-art ballistic materials, has improved and set new ballistic integrity standards in Body Armor Bomb Disposal Suits. These materials have the added advantage of being lightweight while offering the highest fragmentation protection available in the world today. Chest plate 6 pounds. Groin plate 4 pounds.

A velcro waist strap system securely holds the ballistic ground protector in place regardless of body position of movement. The cup provides additional fragmentation and overpressure protection to the EOD technician.


Spine Protection

An articulated spine protector is build into the rear panel of the jacket designed to prevent spinal injury in cases where the user is blown or falls on his back.


The  pants feature a seatless design with an adjustable high waist to fit a variety of sizes. The adjustable over-the-shoulder suspenders feature sliding shoulder pads for additional comfort and quick release buckles. Full length, heavy-duty brass zipper closures with three cinch straps on each leg are designed to hold pant legs securely in place while providing additional custom comfort for various body builds. The breakaway zippers provide the technician a quick release removal system in case of an emergency. Specially designed neoprene-coated Kevlar knee pads provide extra durability and padded knee comfort. The anti-static shoe boot features a special contoured toe flare with heel adjustment straps.

The World's First Threat Level IIIA Helmet

The innovative helmet incorporates the world's highest ballistic integrity... Threat Level IIIA (9mm 124 gr, FMJ at 1400 FPS as well as 44 Magnum 240 gr, SWC at 1400 FPS). The helmet shell is made of a lightweight ballistic fiber which has been tested and defeated fragments at 2,242 FPS, 683 M/S.

The helmet's lightweight construction weighing only 6 pounds without visor and 6 pounds with visor, and its more efficient ergonomic design allows for much greater visibility and freedom of movement. The helmet interior is optimized for impact protection utilizing a MIL SPEC shock absorbing foam tested and used to prevent 50 calibur blunt trauma to the human body. The EOD tech's ability to complete the mission successully is thereby improved by reducing fatigue and neck strain while providing maximum fragmentation and impact protection.

The helmet incorporates high quality communication electronics and a more efficient forced air ventilation system. The Battery Pack and Booster system provides up to five hours of continuous operation of the ventilation system. Replacable 9 volt batteries are available on request. Additionally, all electronic communication componenets are made to US Military Specifications and standards of performance.

These improvements make the new  EOD helmet the world's safest and most comfortahle helmet you can wear.

Microphone: MIL-M-26542/B Speakers: MIL-E-25670/2B (USAF) 


The EOD visor affords a significant improvement in fragmentation and multiple hit capability. The fully laminated acrylic and polycarbonate construction enhances the visor's blast-load structural integrity. The removable visor provides the wearer clear, undistorted vision.
EOD - Specifications
Ballistic Helmets & Visors

Ballistic security Glass
Ballistic Plates & Shields

Armoured Cars .
Executive Protection Services
Ballistic Insert V-50 Ratings
Component V-50 Rating (m/s)
Jacket/Arm/Collar/Foot 560 m/s
Rear Of Jacket Covering Spinal Protector 600 m/s
Collar (Front) 1125 m/s
Chest/Groin Plates 1220 m/s
Thigh 690 m/s
Knee 770 m/s
Lower Leg With Insert 620 m/s
Component Weights (Medium Suit)
Component Weight
Helmet/Visor 2.7 Kg (6.0 lbs)
Jacket/Trouser 10.0 Kg (22.4 lbs)
Sleeves 2.04 Kg (4.5 lbs)
Rear Leg Protection 2.3 Kg (2.3 lbs)
Ballistic Insert V-50 Rating
Component V-50 Rating (m/s)
Helmet 400
Visor 180
Chest Plate Steel Backed By Jacket 750
Chest/Back/Front Of Legs/Arms 450
Helicopter Armor Coming

E.O.D Bomb Disposal Suit:

Component V-50 Rating (m/s)
Helmet 400
Visor 250 (optional 600)
Jacket 560
Jacket With Groin/Chest Inserts 1000
Arm 450
Rear Leg Protection 450
Thigh (Front) 600
Knee (Front) 870
Lower Leg Insert (Front) 650
Boot Cover 850
Component Weights
(Medium Suit And Helmet):
Component Weight
Helmet With Visor 3.6 Kg (8.0 lbs)
Full Jacket With Sleeves And Inserts 12.8 Kg (28.16 lbs)
Trouser With Full Rear Leg Protection 15.0 Kg (33.0 lbs)

Ballistic Protection:
V-50 rating using NATO STANAG 2920 test specification 
Shield Only 555 m/s
Shield With Cover 630 m/s
Ballistic protection rating against firearms availible upon request


The 500 was designed to allow the users to work with dangerous materials while maintaining a safety stand off distance. Resulting from years of detailed research, the 500 features a unique break away tip that allows the user to work with greater safety then ever before. The 500 includes a sophisticated multiple adjustment claw.
LENGTH Collapsed with break away tip 249cm
With break away tip removed 197cm
Extended with break away tip 475cm

Hotstick2Remote stick
The robotic claw of the hot stick system enables attachment to IEDs ranging in shape and material. A response technician can then reel in the suspect package from a safer and distant location.
The primary features of the Hot stick include a reel line that allows for up to 100 m(328') of standoff distance and the claw provides up to 45 kg (100 lbs) of clamping force. The claw is deployed either by manipulator or manually and is powered by a rechargeable 12 Volt battery system.
The hotstick improves operator safety through an increased standoff distance of up to 3m (9.8') by simply connecting successive components. In case of detonation, the tip breaks away for increased protection.
Other primary features of the hotstick include an electronic claw with adjustable orientation and variable claw speed when grasping and releasing a suspect device. The claw is powered by a rechargeable C cell battery

The Line Of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Products Include: Disruptor 
 Waterjet Disrupter  20mm
most effective method of disruption available
Waterjet Disrupter , 29mm, 20mm And Mini Disrupter 12.5mm
Laser Aiming System
Special Purpose Ammunition And Steel Slugs
Linear And Point Focal Shape Charges
P Series Generator Blasting Machine/Explorers
Hooks, Car Door Openers, Grabbers, U-Plate Disrupters, Etc...

 Waterjet Disrupter 20mm
most effective method of disruption available
 Deployed In A Special Situation

Electronic Generator Blasting Machine/Exploder
P1 and 2 systems most reliable and affective system available

Remote Viewing


Remote Viewing - The Ability to view into inaccessible or hostile environments or toview without being seen.

Robot System

23 in. (58.4cm) long chassis length
17 in. (43.2cm) wide chassis width
4.5 in. (11.4cm) high without manipulator installed
7.5 in. (19cm) high with manipulator installed
13 in. (33cm) high elevator block
49 in. (124cm) long overall length with arm extended

height with manipulator and extention block attached
21.5 in. (55cm) arm horizonal
64 in. (163cm) arm vertical

44 lbs (20Kg) complete with manipulator
31 lbs (14Kg) vehicle only
9 lbs (4.1Kg) control panel

control system:
radio control standard wireless system*
cable control: fiber-optic cable standard length 300 ft. (91m)
remote link: 100 yard control wire from console to remote transceiver - robot is wireless
*radio control operates up to 1000 yds. (914meters

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