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Ballistic Glass 9mm
Inside surface (opposite threat side) - All Polycarbonate window shown with both 9 mm 124 grain FMJ and .357 Magnum 158 grain JSP bullets.
Ballistic Glass
Inside surface (opposite side) - No penetration by the bullets or spall from the window. 9mm
Ballistic Glass
Outside surface (threat side) - Acrylic-Polycarbonate window shown with a 9 mm 124 grain FMJ  bullet impact
Inside surface (opposite side) - No penetration by the bullet or spall from the window. 357 Magnum

357 magnum
Threat side - .357 magnum 158 grain JSP bullet impacts. The bullets were absorbed within the window upon impac

9mm Threat side
  Hummer ballistic glass
Threat side from 9mm124 grain FMJ bullets exploded upon impact within the composite window
No spalling - No Penetration - inside

Ballistic Glass for Military vehicles & Hummer
  • Designed and manufactured using all light weight materials.
  • All-plastic laminates can be manufactured and sold in large stock sized sheets which then could be cut into smaller individually sized armored windows.
  • Easy frame mounting - Can be cut and or drilled to facilitate any framing system.
  • Excellent residual vision after attack.
  • Non spalling design
  • Ballistic Threta levels

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    to enlarge drawing.

    Armoured Mercedes S Class
    Transparent Armor Commercial vehicles, SUV's and Marine applications
    Ballistic doors
    Ballistic Doors, walls,Banks Tellers
    No spall
    Ballistic Glass
    Hunting & Safaris

    Level IV Glass
    Ballistic Glass

    Plastic Laminate of  layers with a spall shield on the inside to prevent any fragmentation. Protected Areas: Windshield, Backlite, Sidelights Armored with Flat Glass

      Level IV Armour Defeats:   7.62 NATO, 5.56 Caliber Ammunition
      AK- 47   7,62mm x 39 AP (armour piercing), 7,62mm x 51, &  30.06 Rifle
    • Armoured Vehicles 
    • Prison security doors and guard gates/posts 
    • Riot shields, Clip boards and Helmet visors/shields 
    • Residential homes 
    • Banks, bank doors and teller glass 
    • Aircraft, helicopters, water craft 
    • VIP personal protection vehicles 
    • Airport security & parking booths 
    • Transit booths 
    • Government buildings, Embassies and lobbies 
    • Malls, shops, stores/bomb blasts 
    • Corporate offices and Executive offices
    • Military bases and guard points
    • Courthouses 
    • Police stations Offset Baffle Design with ADA Station

    Bank Teller straight line in
        butted/baffle designeller & Platform Design

    Bank Teller & Platform Design

    Ballistic Standards
    There is no country in the world that has standards regulating the installation methods in armoured vehicle construction. Most technologically advanced countries howerver, do have testing standards for armoured materials. The following standards are considered as the norm in their country of origin and are often used in countries without armouring standards. 
    I .38 Special S&W .38 Special RN Lead 10.2g 5M
    IIA 9mm Pistol 9mm x 19 Para FMJ 8.0g 5M
    II .357 Magnum S&W .357 Magnum JSP 10.2g 5M
    IIIA .44 Magnum Colt .44 Magnum SWC/GC 15.55g 5M
    III AK47 Kalashnikov 7.62mm x 39 M43 VH 200-385 7.9g 5M
    IV SLR L1A1 7.62mm x 51 M80 Ball 9.7g 5M
    V Dragunov SVD 7.62mm x 54r ST2M HS Penetrator 9.6g 5M
    V M16 5.56mm x 45 M193 3.56g 5M
    VI SLR L1A1 7.62mm x 51 AP M61 9.7g 5M
    VI M1 30-06 (7.62mm x 63) AP 10.75g 5M
    Note: FDIG's level of protection is based in part, on the United States Institute of Justice (N.I.J.) standard 0108-01.
    Abbreviations: FMJ-Full Metal Jacket, JSP-Jacketed Soft Point, RN-Round Nose, SWC-Semi Wadcutter, g-Gram, gr-Grain
    All tests conducted are based upon average velocity of selected ammunition

    There may be other standards that should be taken into consideration depending upon where the client is domiciled. 

    Armoured levels of protection are similar in many countries. As testing standards vary, the materials may be of a different thickness and quality to match each standard of armoured level. 

    When choosing armouring levels, FDIG assists the client to decide which projectile they wish to defeat, due to the inconsistencies of armouring levels in the armoured vehicle manufacturing industry. Reference should be made to the type of weapons available to terrorists in the country or state in which the car will be used. For example, level two armour would be useless in the Middle East or Eastern Europe where AK-47 rifles (Kalashnikov) are easily obtained. 

    As levels of protection become greater, there are obviously cost differences associated with each level of projectile that must be defeated. 

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