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Model AA307 Navy Flack Vests
Model AA308 Ranger vests level IV
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Welcome to  Advanced Armor by First Defense International Group

For Your High Threat Level concealable body armor needs

We manufacture and sell state of the art body armor factory direct to the customer, although in certain areas we are represented and refer business to these outlets. All information from the factory is accurate and the prices are excellent. This is the same high quality armor that we have sold to other departments for over ten years. The armor we manufacture and sell has many quality points and specifications that other competitors just can't match.  If we're good enough  we certainly can satisfy your ballistic protection needs. The following is what we offer as standard features and some unique options on every piece of armor we make:


NIJ Tested and Certified, and V-50 testing

The PLATINUM 2000 X-2

The Platinum 2000 X-3

Ballistic Chart

Contour Vest

Full Coverage


Call 949 366-6444 to learn more about Advanced Armor Technology Body Armor products, and stay tuned for new cutting edge body armor available only from Advanced Armor by First Defense International Group

 The Testing of Armor...

All Advanced Armor Technology by First Defense International's Group's products have been tested to the NIJ 0101.03 test standard, and our V-50 results are the highest by weight compared to other aramid fabrics and flexible ballistic laminates like Spectra Shield. There are several things you must remember though about the V-50 test that other manufacturers that other body armor manufacturers wont tell you.

The history of the V-50 extends back to the military and testing protocals developed to test composites and hard materials using an air backing and fragment simlulators ,which uses a 17 Gr. hard fragment that is very uniform in shape and it's ability to maintain that shape after it impacts the materials(s) being tested. The object was to find the velocity of this fragment that would penetrate the the hard armor 50% of the time, while the other 50% of the time the fragment would be defeated by the armor. To give a comparison the NIJ test is a 48 shot test using bullets rather than fragments, and if you pass, theoretically this would be a V-0, or a zero percent chance of penetration at the velocity of the specified rounds that the test calls for.

Some armor companies are now using V-50 tests using bullets and clay backings which represent methods not specified in the original test protocal. Further they are doing the test on NIJ test samples. Ballistic material manufacturers use the V-50 test to quality check each lot of material. No ballistic material manufactuer will sell their material without some type of testing protocal. The V-50 is the most widely used for this purpose. The vest manufacturers that perform Benchmark V-50 tests on the NIJ test samples are actually producing misleading data, as there is no doubt if you are going to send six sample to the NIJ for destructive testing at a large cost, you want to make sure they pass. That's why invariably vest manufacturers who use benchmark testing will use ballistic materials from the weaver or laminate maker that are on the high side of acceptable performance judged by the V-50 tests that the weavers and laminate makers use to lot test their goods for QC acceptance. THIS WILL GIVE YOU HIGHLY FAVORABLE RESULTS ON THIS BENCH MARK V-50 TEST. Try to obtain the same results on regular production samples.You won't see those results consistantly, and therefor these manufacturers produce test results that make them look better than their production armor will really perform. That's not to say that they don't make good armor, but really the V-50 is not being used as it was originally designed, and is being used to mislead the public into think that their armor is better than it really is creating false standards!

These other manufacturers invariably also used blends of materials instead a uniform layering of one type of premium material. Certainly there is nothing wrong with this , but it can have some diadvantages.The panel will perform differently or in a manner that is dangerous if the panel is accidentally placed in the removable cover backwards. Believe me it happens a lot more than you think. A uniform layering using one material or a blend constructed evenly so no one side will offer different protection is the best way to build a system. If you use a blend of materials it is better to use the V-50 test for each system. But you should use a random sample rather than a picture perfect NIJ test sample or what Safariland calls a benchmark V-50. If you use a uniform layering sytems approach like Advanced Armor Technology by First Defense International Group with ONE premium material then the V-50 , if you conduct them, should be similar to how ballistic weavers or materials manufacturers performs the test, which is V-50 performance by areal weight. Typically they will create a data base outlining an average performance over numerous test panels and numerous lots of material prior to the sale of that material in large volumes. Then they will establish a high and low side of acceptable perfromance limits. Any material performing below the lower limt in the future QC acceptance testing will be cause for rejection of that lot of material. The high and low performance standard is typically expressed as an average with a + or - percentile. One of the reasons for this is as follows; as ballistic materials manufacturers and vest manufacturers started using bullets and clay for the V-50 test, rather than an air backing and hard fragment, the rate of variance produced using a deformable projectiles and a clay backing medium has increased. Variables are now replacing what once were constants. V-50 data now tends to vary significantly more than when the test was originally invented. This is just one more reason not to judge an armor system soley on V-50 data.

Our V-50 data on the Platinum 2000 featruing Twaron Micro Filament against the 9 mm 124 Gr FMJ NIJ test round by areal weight per Sq. Ft.

.9 Lbs /Sq. Ft.22 layers 1578 Ft./Sec.

.93 Lbs/Sq. Ft. 23 layers 1631 Ft./Sec.

1.05 Lbs/Sq. Ft. 25 layers 1717 Ft./Sec.

1.2 Lbs/Sq. Ft. 30 layers 1775 Ft./Sec.

Our V-50 data on the Platinum 3000 featuring Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fiber systems against the 9 mm 124 Gr. NIJ test round:

.90 Lbs/Sq. Ft. 29 layers 1675 Ft./Sec

1.0 Lbs/Sq. Ft. 32 Layers 1740 Ft./Sec.

1.05 Lbs/Sq. Ft. 34 Layers 1766 Ft./Sec.

1.2 Lbs/Sq. Ft. 38 Layers 1834 Ft./Sec.

This is great performance for an Aramid fabric and for Polyethylene flexible laminates from a V-50 stand point, and it is a general look at what splendid performance these materials offer. But remember the V-50 is not the tell all about the performance of the system or the materials. Certainly using the V-50 test by areal weight on random samples instead of using a benchmark system using NIJ test samples will be more accurate, but it isn't the end all answer to performance evaluation. One more example of why this is true. With the wide ranges that a V-50 test can produce conducted in the above manner , the only way to get a real V-50 on a given lot of material is to conduct V-50 tests on at least ten panels and then average the V-50 results on each tested panel togther to create a mean average making sure you are throwing your high and low tests out before averaging the remainder. This is how materials manufacturers create their data base for QC acceptance. The problem with this is that no armor compnay or materials manufacturer can continue conducting this many tests on various lots of materials because it would increase the cost significantly of the fabric to a point where the product would be unaffordable. Keeping this in mind it is safe to say that if a company doesn't have a significant number of V-50 tests per lot of material it probably isn't a very accurate V-50 figure, and that's why they call them " Theoretical Probable Limits Testing ". It's a theoretical velocity, not factual. The more you have for a sampling the more accurate the figure becomes.

Advanced Armor's Technology by First Defense International Group

Advanced Armor body armor Technology  is the only company to offer our exclusive 12 year extended warranty option. After the first five years send in the unit for a full and complete inspection and cleaning. We will add layers of the latest premium ballistic material if necessary, and give your vest a brand new state of the art cover. The unit will be ready for another 7 years of service life, to a max of 12 years from the original date of purchase. There is one other company that offers this service, but they charge 139.95 dollars every three years. By the time you have sent the unit in three times you have paid for another vest or more. That's not a bargain or a service.

Here are some of the advantages of our 12 year extended warranty.

1) If you or your department can't afford a new vest after five years this is the perfect way to ensure the protection of your officers or agents at a low cost.

2) We guarantee the vest will perform to new specifications !!

3) You can be assured that if your armor fit well before that won't change.

 If you or your department can afford new armor then buying every five years will probably serve you the best because historically every five years ballistic vests use newer and higher generation materials, which make them lighter and more comfortable.

 Remember if you don't send your vest in at the five year mark from the receipt date, the warranty expires, and your vest is no longer guaranteed to perfrom as new, and will not be covered by our insurance unless you send it in for re-certification with the  dollar fee to extend to 12 years. Generally, we will buy it back from you after five years as a trade in on a new vest depending on it's condition. Also remember that if you are shot with your vest on, stabbed, or are involved in an accident where your body armor either saved your life or limted your injuries let us know. We will provide you with a new vest upon return of the old one, and documentation of the incident on department letterhead, conditions apply !

Call us at 949 366-6444 for more information about bulletproof vests and body armor  warranty offer.

Advanced Armor Technology by First Defense International Group

The Platiunum 2000 X-2 flexible body armor & bulletproof vest panels.

Advanced Armor Technology by First Defense introduced the world's first flexible method of defeating Armor Piercing pistol ammunition. Subsequently this armor has been manufactured into hard armor ballistic armor for body armor and bulletproof vests.

The Solid Steel 7.62 mm x 25 mm at 1400 Ft./Sec. + 70 - 0

Since that time we have adapted the Platinum 2000 X-2 panel into several different categories.The Platinum 2000 X-2 for the American Law Enforcement market, and the X-2 plus for the armor piercing threat found commonly in Asia ,Russia, and the ex-eastern states of Russia. The Platinum 2000 X-2 panel can be purchased in the vital organ size front and/or back, or in panels that are the same size as the soft portion of the vest. The concept is simple, break the bullet using the Platinum 2000 X-2 panel, then catch it with the soft portion like a catcher's mitt. This method works very well. The standard  Platinum 2000 X-2 panel is for knives and ice picks, as well as a significant upgrade in the ballistic capabilities of the vest behind it, and it comes in the following categories:

25 Ft.Lbs energy rating and the 81 Ft. Lbs energy rating. The 81 Ft./Lbs energy rated Platinum 2000 X-2 panel MEETS the tough California and Texas corrections standard. We recommend the first energy levels as practical protection against knives and ice picks or as they are called in the industry, "Circular Penetrators" or thrusted edged weapons, as the human being can't generally develop the kind of applicable power that 81 ft./Lbs represents. The 81 Ft./Lbs energy level Platinum 2000 X-2 panel is the best for ballistic upgrade, but for ultimate ballistic upgrade choose the X-2 Plus.

Our competition uses either a stiff metal vest or textile ( synthetic fibers ) for body armor  or bulletproof vests. The problem with all textile stab armor is that the ballistics are poor and sharp edged thrusted weapons from a test simulator will penetrate them, and they have problems when tested on a backing medium other than ballistic geletin. Put the textile armor on clay, the same backing used in the NIJ test for soft body armor, and these textile systems don't do so well, in fact they will fail miserably. If it can't pass on clay how do think a textile system will do protecting your sternum or ribs with a good stab!! Not so with the Platinum 2000 X-2. You will experience increased ballistics when combined with standard light weight armor, and the Platinum 2000 X-2 will defeat sharp edged weapons that are thrusted better than any textile armor, and it's FLEXIBLE !! All Platinum 2000 X-2 panels when tested on the ballistic gelatin will easily defeat an 81 Ft./Lbs energy ice pick or knife drop test, and if you want a real 81 Ft./Lbs rated flexible vest against the edged weapon or ice pick the X-2 is the only one that's comfortable and thin.

NO other hard armor or ballistic trauma plate or flexible system to date is this good, and we were one of the first with this technology, and have three years worth of data and still growing backing up our state of the art Platinum 2000 X-2 systems !

The X-2 covers so much more than a regular trauma plate, and will stop knives and ice picks flexibly, and in most upgrade situations it will allow your vest to defeat rounds other company's vests just can't stop. To see which X-2 is right for you, review the chart below. You can either have the 2000 X-2 implanted permanently in place inside the ballistic panel, or for an extra charge you can have a removable cover made to allow the panel to be removed or added when you like, without taking the vest off. Remember the chart below represents conservative data, and in extreme real life situations the Platinum 2000 X-2 will perform at higher levels, but the chart below represents our guarranteed performance.

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